Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cassis Lemon Tea

While having a glass of Cassis Lemon Tea, feel like you're at Provence, in the South of France.

"Hottest fruit sweet smell in lemon red tea.

Ingredient per person.
Kandy tea leaf 4g
Hot water 350cc
Lemon juice 20cc
Cassis liquor 20cc
Sugar syrup 10cc

1 Put tea leaf into the teapot and pour in hot water.
2 Pour Cassis liquor and sugar syrup into a heat-resistant glass, stir it and then add lemon juice.
3 Pour 100cc red tea into the glass."

*Source: Takeshi, I. (2008) Tea Blend by Takeshi Isobuchi. (萧志强, Trans.). Taipei, Taiwan: Maple House Cultural Publishing. (Original Japanese edition, Tokyo, Japan: MCPress, Inc., Tokyo, 2007) p.153

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