Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grapefruit Red Wine Tea Cocktail

Have a glass of cold drink during summer cool! A contradict feeling by drinking this iced tea cocktail. Give it a try!

"A combination of grapefruit and red wine, produce beautiful colour changes. A mixture of tasty grapefruit with astringency of red tea, it is a delicious taste.

Ingredient per person
Grapefruit juice 20cc
Sugar syrup 20cc
Red Wine 20cc
Iced tea (Kandy tea) 80cc
Ice cube moderate amount

1 Pour grapefruit juice into a glass.
2 Add sugar syrup, stir it.
3 Add moderate amount of ice cube then add iced red tea.
4 Finally pour in a moderate amount of red wine."

*Source: Takeshi, I. (2008) Tea Blend by Takeshi Isobuchi. (萧志强, Trans.). Taipei, Taiwan: Maple House Cultural Publishing. (Original Japanese edition, Tokyo, Japan: MCPress, Inc., Tokyo, 2007) p.159

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