Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea & Beer Orange

It gives Princess a fresh and cooling feel. If you feel sleepy, drink this and I believe you will WAKE UP immediately! Hahaha...

"A fresh cool taste, suitable to drink this iced tea cocktail during HOT summer days.

Ingredient per person
Orange juice 20cc
Sugar syrup 20cc
Iced tea (Kandy tea) 80cc
Beer 25cc
Ice cube moderate amount

1 Pour in orange juice and sugar syrup, stir it.
2 Add ice cube and pour in iced tea.
3 Pour in beer and stir softly."

*Source: Takeshi, I. (2008) Tea Blend by Takeshi Isobuchi. (萧志强, Trans.). Taipei, Taiwan: Maple House Cultural Publishing. (Original Japanese edition, Tokyo, Japan: MCPress, Inc., Tokyo, 2007) p.160

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