Monday, October 11, 2010

Leo (Born in July 23 - Aug 22) : A taste of Sunshine

Recommended Leo's signature tea by Princess Camomile: Sunflower tea + honey.

Leo has a bright and cheerful personality towards their life. They're brave, forgiveful and earn their respect with their kindness. They also have a sense of justice. In their mind, they love to be a leader. Even though some of them do not look dignified yet they've the momentum who attract many ladies. For guys who wear formal will look like aristocrat.

Leo ladies are very confident, friendly & enthusiastic, have good imagination and yearn towards unique fashion brand. They hardly resist the brand with legend and mythical because they feel that it is a persuasive product. Besides that, they value and have strong possession in a relationship.

A taste of Sunshine is belong to Leo! You'll get what I mean after you've met a Leo in person.

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