Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scorpio (Born in Oct 24 - Nov 21) : A taste on Sense of Existence

Recommended Scorpio's signature tea by Princess Camomile: Green tea + Japanese pear in small cube + honey.

Scorpio likes mysterious, create mysterious and like to investigate on something and analyse it. They're observant and to decide whether good or bad. They have the charm and mysterious power to attract opposite sex. Besides that, they're passionate and focus in a relationship.

For Scorpio men, they like attention from others to prove their existence to make them feel that they're special and highly respect.

Scorpio ladies are preseverance on their relationship and in result the relationship has become tension. They emphasize on passion love, like to present a strong and confident image as a lady.

A taste on Sense of Existence is always Scorpio's choice!

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