Sunday, October 24, 2010

SG Cares - Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

Sometimes you would like to participate on volunteering work yet you do not know where to start and how to start?!

Princess Camomile ever encountered this problem as well. Finally she found that if really interested on volunteering work, please join those organisations which have flexible volunteering opportunities be your first stop and have a good start! It will keep your interest going and motivated you looking forward to do something good from time to time.

Although Princess is not a Singaporean yet have been working and staying at Singapore for many years. Therefore, decided to choose SG Cares as her first place to contribute whatever she could do to help others.

How did Princess found this organisation? Good question! Haha! On beginning of this year, she was just browsing the internet and happen to find this website SG Cares. It makes volunteering work become easier as through SG Cares, you could choose when & where you're able to serve your time & skill without committing to a long-term arrangement. Princess always believe that many people have passion and interest to help others yet unable to commit in volunteering service due to work & family commitment.

By introduced SG Cares to those who're staying/ working/ studying at Singapore, no matter you're a Singaporean or foreigner, wish that you'll find it interesting by joining SG Cares. For sure, you're doing something good, feel good and happy volunteering!

Cheers!!!! ^___^

SG Cares - Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

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