Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maum Tea Bags & Christmas Tree Tea Packaging by Wdaru Design Studio

Last night I was chit chating with a stranger from Helsinki, Finland. It was great because from the conversation it reminds me alot of my Finland trip in year 2009 Christmas.

Then I've found the below cute tea bags that reminds me one of the Finnish's activities at Northern, Finland.  Normally after hot sauna in the room, they will walk towards outdoor in naked and jump into the well/hole with cold water (or I should say ice water, haha!).  I think they'll stay for 10-15 mins then close the well/hole with steel cover (before it turn into ice) then walk back to the hot sauna room again.  They'll repeat this process for few times.  In the indoor hot sauna room, I think about 80-90 degree celcius and the outdoor temperature below minus 20-25 degree celsius.  According to Finnish, they'll feel good and refresh after this activity.  They believe in this way will make them stay healthy during winter season.  Me and other tourmates were shaking our head as it is unbelievable if you don't fall sick by having hot cold hot cold process in a short period of time.  Hahaha!!  Oh well....

I hope my this stranger Finnish friend will visit my blog again and do leave me a comment on this post.  Look forward to hear from you.  ^____^

Below are the cute tea bags design by Wdaru Design Studio that have been reminded me alot of sweet memories during my 11 days Finland trip during Christmas season in year 2009. 

The 1st man who looks like swimming on the ice pool.

The 2nd man who catches the fish reminds me of the ice fishing at Finland but of course it is slightly different from the design.  Finnish used a tool to drill a hole then sitting on the ice and waiting for the fish.  Hehe!

The 3rd man looks like who just out from the hot sauna room and enjoying the outdoor ice water pool.  At the same time he covered his face with the hot towel.  :)

Maum Tea Bags from Wdaru Design Studio

The reindeer and the Santa Claus, ie. the symbol of Christmas for me!  During my childhood days, I didn't believe from a tv cartoon show a reindeer able to fetch the heavy Santa Claus and alots of Christmas gifts.  After visited Finland, I had to believe it because we went to the reindeer farm and enjoyed the reindeer sledging.  I've been cheated by the lousy cartoonist's illustration whereby the reindeer size is very big and it is not a normal deer size, ok?  Believe me!! :p

Christmas Tree Tea Packaging from Wdaru Design Studio
More wonderful photos can be found at Wdaru's website.

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