Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heard of Thunder Tea Rice?

Known this friend recently nickname Jokercai and his dialect is Hakka.  It reminds me of the Thunder Tea Rice ( Lei Cha), a Hakka tea-based beverage that I ever tried few times at my aunty's house.  It consist of mix tea leaves and herbs that are ground or pounded together with various roasted nuts, seeds or grains.

You could use any type of tea leaf to mix match the taste you like the most, however normally people used green tea and oolong.

Eager to know how it looks like?  Sharing with you the below blogger has show a very nice photos of Thunder Tea Rice and the benefits of it.

Below link is the recipe that I've found for you to DIY at home.
I don't think my friend Jokercai will see this blog but would like to thank him for giving me the "inspiration" to share this info with my foreigner friends who are visiting my blog. 
Jokercai, have a wonderful weekend!  ^___^

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