Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Life-Changing Gift

Recently I've just received the letter from World Vision Singapore.  The cover envelope has shown a little girl with a helpless eyes.  Beside the photo of the girl, few words stated "While tortillas try to fill her belly, something much worse fills it too..."  Behind the envelope stated "They affect more than 1.2 billion people globally.  They're disgusting.  They're everywhere.  And they torment and kill children."

I feel sympathy and sad for the children at China, Ethiopia, Laos, Lesotho, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Zambia.  A person has limited power to help and I sincerely hope that those who read this message will try their best to help those needy children around the world. 

World Vision Singapore has The Child Sponsorship Programme addresses the root causes of poverty and diseases, helping the children, their families and communities break the cycle of poverty. When you sponsor a child for a donation of $45 per month , World Vision helps your sponsored child through the Area Development Programme in his/her community. This ensures that fundamental needs, such as access to clean water, basic healthcare, education, nutritious food and increased food security, and household income are not only available to the child and his community, but they will be empowered to help themselves in the future as well.

From the pamphlet that I received in the envelope, I wish to share their creative ideas on 5 simple ways to share about Child Sponsorship!

1) Throw a Charity Birthday Party
Host a meaningful birthday party by sharing about the needs of children and families living in poverty and the hope that comes through sponsoring a child.  Get your friends to sponsor a needy child as a birthday gift to you.

2) Host a Food-Tasting Gathering
Whet your friends and family members' appetites for Child Sponsorship!  Concoct authentic dishes from a specific country or region as a fun (and yummy!) way to introduce the idea of sponsoring a child from a far-flung area to your loved ones.

3) Spread the Word Online
Share the meaningful cause behind Child Sponsorship with your online community, be it through your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Vlog or MySpace account and direct your friends to learn more about Child Sponsorship at World Vision's website at http://www.worldvision.org.sg/ and facebook page at www.facebook.com/Worldvisionsingapore

4) Make Your Wedding a Meaningful One
Request that your guests sponsor a child instead of giving you gifts that you probably wouldn't need.

5) Display Sponsorship
Set up tabletop displays and brochures about Child Sponsorship in highly visible community locations like your office, church, or favourite hangout.

With your little help, we may change the world to what we want it to be!  :)

Life Changing Gift