Thursday, November 24, 2011

Friendship is like a train station....

It has been such a long time I never write in my blog.  There were many things happen in my life since this year Apr onwards.  I had stepped into few holistic centers and started to look for answer to solve my life issue especially on work related issues.

Let's back to my tonight mood!  One of my holistic friends told me that friendship is like a train station.  In every station when the train stop, many friends hop into my train.  Some friends jump out from the train in the middle of our journey and some decided to accompany me for a short journey only.  It was pretty meaningful for me when I look into her explanation.  I had a touching feeling as well.

No matter who went in or went out from the train, I send my warmest regards and thousand blessing to my dear friends.  Wish them all the best and always be happy as they ever accompany me.  We share the happiness and sadness together for a moment and it has become a wonderful memories.

I wonder......Life is a journey not a destination for me.