Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hong Kong trip on Sep 10-14, 2010.

Long time no write in my blog. Oh well... Recently went to travel and met up with long lost friends.

Time fly and I've back to reality. Haha! Feel good to travel as you just need to think of where is your next destination and what you gonna do over there.

I had great dim sum with Sophia at Time Square, Causeway Bay and done little shopping. The most important thing was met up with her and we've catched up lots of school days memories.

Being stayed with Christine & Mike during my visit to Hong Kong was great and fantastic! Great host! Lovely mix blood daughter from them had created sweet memories for me by staying at their appartment. I love their living room whereby could look out for beautiful city view, no matter day or night! Awesome!

After my consultation appointment, I've been to a small cafe at Admiralty to enjoy a cup of drink. The drink was chrysanthemum + salty lemon + honey + green tea. I like the combination of this flower tea. Taste good!

There was another drink that I won't forget during my Hong Kong trip. The Japanese green tea + citrus and it was garnish with an orange twist. Looks good and taste good as well!

I wish someday somehow I'll have the chance to visit Hong Kong again. :)

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