Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sagittarius (Born in Nov 22 - Dec 21) : A taste of Aristocrat's Calmness

Recommended Sagittarius' signature tea by Princess Camomile: Jasmine flower tea + mint jelly cube + honey.

Sagittarius has outdoor, happy and sunshine personality, like freedom and idealistic. They've active mentality, passion and positive character.

Sagittarius men have the aristocrat's charm. Always feel that they're born under the lucky star although they've gone through difficulties in life.

Sagittarius women wish to go through more different relationship before they settle down with their love one. If you would like to become their love one, must always let them know that you're very good to them so that they'll not look at other guys. Their care free lifestyle and happy character are easily accepted by surrounding friends.

Sagittarius always on high mood so a taste of Aristocrat's calmness is good as a mood stabilizer for them.

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