Sunday, July 4, 2010

Any ActiviTEA during your tea time?

Today is Sunday! YES!!

This is the 3rd label just created in Princess Camomile's blog.

Princess likes to watch her favorite TEA-V drama when she is enjoying her hot camomile with honey. She likes Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese drama series. The songs you're listening now are some of her favorite TEA-V drama songs. :)

Papa King likes to have family talk but Mama Queen likes to listen to music while enjoying their cup of tea. Brother prince likes to read newspaper/book. She has an aunty who is staying with them in the Ch√Ęteau. Lady aunt has a weird activiTEA, guess what? She kept her both eyes on the cat to make sure it never jump up to the tea table! Haha!!

Many people have different activiTEA during their tea time. What's yours?

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