Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gin & Lemon Spark

Princess likes this taste very much! Difficult to describe the feeling. Errr...the words just strike my mind "first love"!

"The sour of lemon combine with tasty Gin, a perfect balance!

Ingredient per person
Lemon juice 15cc
Lemon 1 slice
Sugar syrup 30cc
Gin 30cc
Iced tea (Kandy tea) 50cc
Soft drink 30cc
Ice cube moderate amount

1 Pour in lemon juice, sugar syrup and Gin into a glass.
2 Add ice cube, pour in iced red tea and soft drink.
3 Finally hang a slice of lemon at the edge of glass as decoration."

*Source: Takeshi, I. (2008) Tea Blend by Takeshi Isobuchi. (萧志强, Trans.). Taipei, Taiwan: Maple House Cultural Publishing. (Original Japanese edition, Tokyo, Japan: MCPress, Inc., Tokyo, 2007) p.162

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